Off-grid living is the next modern luxury

Many imagine going off grid like going back in time or trying to get away from it all. We are here to REINVENT off-grid living and show how going off-grid can be compatible with the modern family. With a little bit of research, living off-grid can have every modern convenience a modern family could possibly want or need. Things like air conditioning, heat, dishwasher, washer & dryer, running water, internet, fresh food and more can all be part of modern off-grid living.

We consider this the next modern luxury because no matter what happens in the world or in the city, we know we have everything we need. We have the tools we need to always have electricity, food, and more. Imagine a society that could care for itself? How powerful would that be?

We believe achieving a modern luxury off-grid lifestyle happens by blending nature with technology–not by going back in time. Using technologies like solar power, water recycling + filtration systems, air purifiers, energy-efficient glass + lights, backyard or greenhouse gardening and more– not only aid in creating a luxury lifestyle but also help our planet too.

Let’s face it. The world is not predictable anymore. The power grid could go out, storms could block roads, politics could get out of hand, laws are constantly changing and nothing is dependable anymore. This past pandemic year proved what happens when panic takes over and grocery stores and gas stations run empty. Record below zero temperatures also showed what can happen when gas and power companies run out of utilities too.

The real luxury in these modern times is preparedness. It is having everything you need to keep your family healthy, happy and safe no matter what. If another disaster happens, the “real luxury homes” will be the ones with power, water, food, shelter and goods– not the multi-million dollar mansions without power and melting food in the freezer (but those mansions could take the steps in going off-grid too ;).

Not everyone can go off-grid

We recognize that not everyone can go off-grid. But there are steps everyone can take to start living a more luxury self-sufficient and prepared lifestyle.

Things that most anyone can do would be:

Food storage + gardening

Solar power + back-up generator (there are even indoor generators for apartment living)

Water recycling + water filtration systems

Septic system and/or compost toilet

Air purifiers

Stocked health cabinets + learn about natural healing

Buying land

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