City to Gritty — Rachel Cronin, TEDx Speaker

Starting in 2018, Rachel wanted to reinvent off-grid living and began to tap into the ways to blend nature with technology to create what she refers to as “the next modern luxury” for family living. She believes going off-grid is beneficial to our health, the environment and in creating a more sustainable future. Rachel is an author, model and founder of Cronin Mountain, an off-grid adventure, event and retreat company in Colorado Springs, CO. She is also the founder of The Cronin Mountain Foundation, a non-profit focusing on enhancing and creating rural roads for those in need. Her passion for health and the outdoors began in 2010, when she became a certified fitness trainer and later began researching organic food and nutrition for her family. In 2016, she went on a national wellness speaking tour and later wrote her first book, “Go Organic in 90 Days”, outlining her journey to healthier living and doing so on a budget.