Off-Grid Homesteading

Off-grid homesteading has presented many challenges and rewards since we began this adventure in August 2018. With our remote, raw, mountain location, and finding the right build team has been a challenge. Drafting our dream A-frame cabin took years of architectural engineering, structural engineering and design. Prepping our property for construction has been another hurdle with many contractors being unwilling to brave the dirt roads or service our location. But where there is a will, there is a way! After years of preparation, Cronin Mountain is happy to announce we will be starting construction soon.


Cronin Mountain plans on launching private adventures, such as:

-Personal Growth Workshops

-Meditation Workshops

-Private Hiking Adventures

-Metaphysical Mom Meet-ups

-Off-Grid Homesteading Classes

Lodging + Special Events

Cronin Mountain is in the planning stages for lodging and events. If you’d like to partner with us on this project, we are seeking investment partners to help bring this vision to life.

Adventure Awaits…

Stay tuned for our updates as we get closer to launch soon.