Cronin Mountain on the TEDx Stage!

Such an honor to share our story and journey on the TEDx stage. Learn more about our talk here.

Giving Back through Business

Cronin Mountain B Corp

Colorado’s Personal Growth Adventure Campus

This summer, Cronin Mountain will begin prelaunch of our vision. We are excited to blend the benefits of nature with the power of personal growth into one 35 acre campus designed to change lives. During prelaunch, we will be offering online classes and workshops while developing hiking trails, meditation gardens, labyrinths and glamping sites. Interested in volunteering? Let us know!

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Cronin Mountain Film Projects

We are excited to announce we have been accepted as a premiere film location with the Colorado Film Commission . Interested in our 35 acre private mountain for your film project? Filming begins at $500 a day and we offer million-dollar views of the Cheyenne mountains, the city of Colorado Springs, and Pike’s National Forest, along with incredible forest landscapes, 4 unique rock outcroppings and a private creek.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and uplift others to live the life they deserve and reinvent the stigma of off-grid living. Living off-grid truly is the new modern luxury because it is self-sustaining, self-sufficient, better for our communities and the planet. AND it secures livelihood at the same time.

Imagine a lifestyle with no power bill. No utility bill. Fresh air. Unlimited fresh organic food just walking distance away from your front door. The sound of water trickling in your own creek. The gentle sounds of silence and serenity as you fall asleep under the stars. This lifestyle is easier to achieve than you may think. And we are here to share our process in hopes others find their bliss as well.

So, you are interesting in creating your own off-grid homestead, what’s next? Follow our journey, request our free guide and read our constant blog updates to stay in the loop, learn from us so you can achieve your dream in a freer, richer and easier way than our learning on the job learning curve. Want daily updates? Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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What is Living Off-Grid?

Living off-the-grid means living 100% self-sufficient without any grid ties to city or county power, water or sewer. Instead, we manage everything on our own.

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City to Gritty: Our Off-Grid Family

Living off-grid as a family with young kids is challenging and rewarding. Check out our weekly blog to learn more about our journey from city life to gritty mountain life.

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Why Build a Modern A-Frame Cabin?

Our mountain location is unique and we wanted to do something different. The symbolism of the triangle represents strength from within and is the strongest shape in nature. We are excited to welcome our triangle house in 2022 designed by Compass Architecture.

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