April 22nd, 2020 — Earth Day + a Missing Tooth!

Happy Earth Day!!! 🌱 🌎 Today my first born lost his first tooth!! 😱 His lima bean plant is flourishing and the sun shined down on our build site. ☀️ The perfect Earth Day! Do y’all have any traditions for when your kids lose their teeth? Tooth fairy? No fairy? Save teeth for stem cells?? Throw them away?? Tell me what you do! This is new territory!! #growupsofast


  • Nicole Vollmer Beck We do tooth fairy and I save them, like a serial killer😂😂😂
  • Karen McCash Toothless! Congratulations!
  • Karen McCash Tooth fairy with Susan. B. Anthony dollars. Look like gold, and hopefully encourage saving them.
  • Amy K.M. White Tooth fairy for sure. Usually ‘gold’ dollar coin. Then I save them with the story of losing it.. someday I will show them 🙂
  • Sheri Kauhausen My kids are in their 30’s and I still have all their teeth! Is that weird? LOL