May 29th, 2021- That’s a Wrap!!! Completed My TEDxBreck Audition

Captain’s Log: City to GrittyThat’s a wrap!!! 🎉

Just finished my TEDxBreck audition!!! I feel I absolutely hit it out of the park! 🎉

Did my absolute best to share not only our off-grid journey, but also how off-grid is the next modern luxury.

During my 3 min audition, I decided to change my shoes. When I said I “traded my city life”, I took off my heels. And continued to say “for my off-grid life”, I swapped to my mud boots. The image seemed to be powerful—the panel of judges all laughed and clapped—I wasn’t expecting that! But you can tell a whole lot about someone based on their shoes! 😉

I’ll know soon if I will I have the opportunity to expand my message to a full 10-18 min talk on the official TEDx stage soon. But until then, enjoying this beautiful weather in Breckenridge!! 😍🏔