April 28th, 2020 — PE Outside–Embracing RV Homeschool

Today we took PE out to our build site 💗. We love to try to spend as much time where our house will be as possible—we just love the location. Can’t wait to be jumping in our real home gym soon! The latest thing I want to add is an infrared sauna, per my doctors recommendations. While we wait for our GC’s to be approved by our bank, why not add in a few more things? 😅 Have you done infrared saunas before? I’m still looking for one here locally 🙌🏻


  • Jessica Kish I was thinking about buying an infrared sauna. Just a little portable one.
  • Daria Ellington Not infrared but my folks built a cedar Russian style sauna in their home and we’re there almost every weekend in winter. It’s just amazing!