August 9th, 2018

Well it’s official! As of TODAY we are happy owners of 35 acres in Broadmoor! We “move in” on the 27th (our RV) and will hopefully have our house built in 12 months ? ?✨


Jonathan Bryant Congrats!

Lisa Mckown Congrats! That’s awesome. We want to buy some land….. eventually.

Anjuli Raven Thompson This is our plan! Congrats!!!1

Jennifer Cass Reed Congrats!

Mary Beth-Jerry Cronin Love it!!

Christion Sadler That view is awesome!

Active NowBonnie Barlow Wow that’s great

Pamela Vance Congratulations! What a beautiful site!!!

Active NowChristina Kraft Swyers So awesome!!

Katty Mejia Congratulations

Erika Ebel Beautiful!

Jessica Zabel Congratulations!

Cameron Davis Rees Stunning! Where is broadmoor?

Active NowKaren Putnam Carey Oh way to go congrats

Yvonne Hengst Wow beautiful! Congratulations

Jaclyn Easton So gorgeous & so happy for you guys!!

Brandi Ruyle So exciting!! Congratulations!!

Handlebar Henry Breathtaking view! Congratulations! I hope you will find great happiness and success!1

Michael A Schuneman DC Congratulations!

Shaniqua Pope Beautiful. Will you talk about the home building journey when Its all said and done? Im loving that view. I had ideas of buying land so close to nature but the animals out here are too comfortable stopping by for a mud afternoon stroll for me. Lol I could walk right past a bear, dear, 2 mountain lions and not even know it. Lol I could be being dramatic but I dont want to risk it. Lol

Stephani Black Beautiful!! Can’t wait to hear and see this journey with you. The boys are growing so fast. Love you so much for your strength.

Chelsea Guetz Hixson Looks amazing! ??

Kiernan Bee That looks incredible! Congrats!

Ashleigh Gillen Searles Beautiful!!!! Where is this?

Ashleigh Gillen Searles It’s beautiful! I’d love to own some land like that one day. Congratulations on your purchase!

Charlene Mccash Fantastic !!

Charlene Mccash Are you going to be self-sufficient and off the grid? That’s my dream 🙂

Charlene Mccash…/

Charlene Mccash You are so savvy Rachel! Please keep posting as construction of your new home begins !! Love “off the grid” !! So exciting !!!

Michael T Hoover Congratulations!! Is that view from your property?

Michael T Hoover Wow is that Awesome or what?? Can’t best that and the peaceful nature sounds! Just wow!! Enjoy the journey!!

Sandy Tiemann Beautiful!

Leah Kemeny Rangel Living the dream!

Wendy Koecher VanderNoordaa Wow this is gorgeous!

Bryan Huddleston Huge congratulations!!!1

Joelle Lane Congratulations beautiful!! So happy for you guys!!

Alissa Dabasinskas If you need help call or text me! Wish I was there to help plan things, I love the home building process!

Ashley Smith Wow! My dream! Congratulations ????

Active NowMarlene Solis Breath taking! Congratulations ?

Michele Edling That’s amazing! Congrats! The view is amazing!1

Active NowMahogany Aviles Congratulations that’s awesome! Me and my husband have been looking for property, is there more available out that way?

Sun Schulz Congratulations! ????1

Allie Bryant So happy for your family! What are you going to do with THIRTY FIVE acres??? We’re stoked to be getting like 1/2-1 acre with our next house ??

Jenni Greenfield Wow. Beautiful, ❤️?1Delete or hide this