December 22nd, 2020 — Winter Solstice Ceremony

Intention ceremony on winter solstice with the first Christmas star in 800 years! It was amazing to see my kids intention lists shift from sounding like wish lists to real intentions. So cool to watch them start to understand the power of INTENTION. 😍💫 We all enjoyed some snacks and then went around and shared our intentions for 2021 one by one. I love these types of celebrations because they are powerful, bring families closer together and start the manifestation process for what you are looking to achieve. My oldest son could not stop writing what he intends to create in 2021. In fact, when we ran out of paper, he started using napkins so he could keep writing. 😍😂 2020 has had its challenges but 2021 is going to bring in some powerful shifts! Who else can feel it too? 💗🌟💫