January 8th, 2020 – Commissioned Art of our Homestead!!

My husband surprised me with this incredible anniversary present of聽Cronin Mountain聽!! He commissioned an artist in Greece to create a concept picture of our vision. In this picture you鈥檒l see our Aframe cabin, growing spaces greenhouse, stone chicken coop (gotta be bear + mountain lion proof!), llama stables (llama wool textiles coming soon!!), honey bee hives, chickens, llamas, our cat and our family! I literally FOUGHT THE TEARS looking at this for the first time. The artist literally used the exact same pictures from my vision board.聽馃く聽Bonus points for a very in-tune hubby!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! I zoomed in a few area in the other screenshots!! The artist also included some futuristic tech laying around, stuff my husband would聽馃挴聽having laying around outside hahaha Artist: Antol