July 9th, 2019

Captain’s Log: City to Gritty


After traveling for a month, we are back off the grid and rolling up our sleeves to build our A-frame cabin before the snow hits.

Living off-grid means we take care of ourselves. We do not rely on the city for water, power or sewage.

One of the reasons we left this lifestyle last December was water. We were filling up our freshwater tanks in the city and hauling the water up here. But in our city, there are lifetime caps for buying freshwater and we hit our cap. Our only options were harvesting our own water from the rain, snow or our creek, or drilling a well. Both of which weren’t possible or ideal in the winter.

Moving back in to the trailer again was a little bit like muscle memory and we are basically resettled. It’s different though because ALL of our household belongings are here on the land in our own shipping container, instead of in storage. So, if needed, we have access to EVERYTHING to swap out in the camper to live.

This go around, we also have a laundry area! Which is huge because last time, continuously going to laundry mats was stressful. Happy to be able to do our own laundry on the land.

At first, I was obsessed with style for our camper. Now, I honestly don’t even care ha ha. All energy is on our Aframe and we are more determined than EVER to get the roof on before the snow comes in October. WINTER IS COMING!!

Healing from my allergic reaction has been amazing even living off grid. I was able to bathe in REAL mountain spring water and combined with all my natural medicines from my doctor, am healing with incredible results. I can hardly believe it myself!

Next on my list is getting my new blog on this journey up and running!! It’s called: City 2 Gritty. My updates will be switching to that blog here very soon!

Thanks again for all the support! We are excited for our epic 4 level a-frame glass + steel cabin, chickens, organic greenhouse and lamas to come soon!! ✨✨✨