March 21st, 2020–Officially Homeschooling in an RV Off-Grid…

Super excited about our “official” homeschool curriculum provided by our sons school. Our school literally did a carline pickup of these packets—teachers ran the packets out to each car as they drove up. We’ve got it all! Reading, writing, math, computer science, Spanish, art, library and even a seed planting activity! Homeschool moms- how do you stay patient + upbeat while guiding lessons?? I noticed over this first week my patience was already running thin haha. Love tips to make this FUN, productive and exciting as we homeschool the entire month of April and potentially the end of the school year, unless this virus situation improves (I hope it does!)


  • Annie Bleier What school is this from? The Vanguard should do this!
  • Jessica Brovitch To remember that not all lessons needs to be done at a desk. Maybe make a small fort for reading time. Backyard (weather permitting) for science. If you can drive to a beautiful view like a lake, sit in your vehicle and practice Spanish. I’ve homeschooled my 6 kiddos since my eldest (now 23) was in second grade. My motto was, “if it isn’t fun then I’m not doing it.”
  • Holly G Jury We try to be laid back and let the kiddo guide…not feel stuck on making them do any schoolwork. let them pick what they like and want to do=more excited to learn
  • Dina Imankulova Start with less. Don’t overdo. Make few blocks in the morning. Few in a afternoon. Set up different working station for different activities. Most of them could be done outside
  • Robyn Brown In MI they said they will not recognize work done at home for public indoctrination. I mean education.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Robyn Brown that’s crazy!!! My boys luckily go to a private school and do not have to be ordered around or controlled by the government. That’s still ridiculous though for those that do public school! 🤔🤯
  • Tibeca Yao A lot of that looks like busy work to this homeschooler. For my kindergarteners, school was usually about 30 minutes
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Tibeca Yao wow that is so fast!! I think the best part of education is customizing + finding a system that works and is loved by both the participants + leaders. We’ve done full day learning through play/experiences/projects + travel since age 3 and love it! It works best for us 💗. I think it’s incredible you can get it all done so fast! 💗🎉
  • Jennifer Williams I’ve been homeschooling for 3 years. I have a somewhat strict schedule. But we also take breaks if needed, you all get burnt out and a break is nice. We will replace math with a cooking lesson of the day with measurements, spelling we will do index car…See More
  • Active NowSheri Kauhausen That’s awesome the school was able to put everything together and get it out. Kudos!
  • Dawn Strate Keep the schedule the teachers have. As far as time. It works. And if they complained your making them do t, I told kids Ive been tutoring, “MS. _____ is making you do this.” And “Turn it in that way. See what Ms. ____ gives a grade in that”. “Ms ____ is going to be so proud/ disappointed
  • Nicole Rogers We have gotten nothing from the kids schools. Hopefully soon.