March 22nd, 2020 — Having an Active Toddler Off-Grid

Anyone else have a child that requires 24/7 supervision?! If my 3 year old is allowed even a few seconds to himself, the syrup or ketchup will be emptied, rocks will be added to our fresh water tank, pictures and/or books will be destroyed, he’ll be sitting on the cat and/or (his personal favorite) various objects will be taken apart-flashlights, tripods, just whatever he can find, he’ll disassemble it 😂😩. I recently started making it a rule that I don’t care what he takes apart as long it’s put back together when he’s done (which he is starting to do luckily). But if you’ve ever wondered what my full time job is… you are looking it him right here! 💯😂 #momofboys #fulltimejob #nobreaks


  • Abby Gee Yuuuuup. My 2.5 year old is EXACTLY the same 😅💙🙃🙃🙃
  • Karen McCash Yes, I was wonderfully blessed to have 4 children who were magically creative and eternally curious….love mom
  • Active NowTibeca Yao My toddler is headed down this path. I’m so tired. Not sure how we’ll survive
  • Diana Grover Larsen So darling. My youngest was known too dump syrup on the carpet, crack eggs down the heater vent, make crabby patties with his poop using our favorite spatula and cookie sheet. Luckily, he has since grown out of all those things.
  • Jai Macklin Haha I always say my youngest is a full time job!
  • Priscilla Gonzalez Yes my 3 year old is the same. I tell him his name should have either been jr. Or Dennis the menace. 😂 I truly feel sorry for his future teachers.
  • Steven Dale My two year old is scaling multiple gates like he’s Spider-Man. Found him upstairs with superhero picture books. -_-
  • Ashley Allen YEP!!🤣
  • Nikie Gerber What a mischievous little man 😅😳😱. I’m grateful Greyson is too neurotic to be mischievous 🙏🏻🙌🏻. Another reason i don’t want another , in case it’s a monster to make up for having it so easy the first time 🤣😳
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Nikie Gerber yesssss!! My first son was so easy!! So good! So willing to please and cries at the thought of being in trouble. AND THEN THERE IS MY 2ND SON….. hahaha
    • Nikie Gerber Rachel Validates one of my many reasons to stick with one 😄. But seriously you two need to have a
      Girl ☺️🖤
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Nikie Gerber We literally go back and forth so much! 😩😩😩 Right now, we are both done ✅. But after our cabin is built, we might feel differently with all the extra space we’ll have. The age gap will be so far apart though—we’ll see. We are trying to start in the next 3 months, then 6-8 month construction. 🔨 Positive vibes with this virus shutting everything down that construction will still begin🤞🏻Marcia Dudley You just described what it was like raising his grandfather!! EXACTLY. Jim did everyone of these things except the rocks into the water tank and he had his own list of “adventures” which will be evident sooner rather than later. All this experimenting will make him one awesome man!
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Marcia Dudley this is amazing!! I definitely see the intelligence though—I see taking things apart as an engineering educational aspect—learning how things work. That’s why I “allow” it haha as long as it’s pieced back together 😂😍
  • Jonathan Bryant Oh, I thought you were talking about Todd…
  • Taylor Stokes Yeeeep 😆 Luna’s 100% there too.
  • Summer Estella Lajoie 🙋‍♀️ yep
  • Miquela Vargas Miché I know the feeling. One morning when my boys woke up before us, we came out of our room to find protein powder all over the living room and honey on the living room carpet, on the hardwood floors extending from the dining room, into the half bathroom, …See More
  • Donnie Ray My 13 yr old has been that way since birth. And still is from falling out of windows to putting cars in gear and hitting houses with vehicles. Eating spiders, flying, and Bees. Stuck on a 60ft barn so the fire dept had to get him. Broke his nose, killed a kitten by leavi6him in an ice chest as a 3 yr old, breaks everything that can be broken…. twice. A true Masterpiece I love to call my son!
  • Donnie Ray Oh. And this is him. Haha
  • Criscell Marie I have a 10 year old, 3 year old, 9 month old, and a 3 month old. My 3 year old is still harder than the other 3 of them combined. Lol! I love her mind though. So creative, just have to wrangle them in. I am constantly giving her things to do to keep her out of mischief. When she is quiet we worry. Lol! Prayers from one momma to another. ❤️
  • Jayme Marquez This is when I made the mistake of going to the bathroom without him. Came out to find this…. seriously I was not gone more than a minute.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Jayme Marquez yes!!! Those without kids do not get it! It’s literally SECONDS and so much can happen. Simple actions like—updating my Instagram, going to the bathroom, etc can mean disaster later 😂😩
    • Jayme Marquez Rachel McCash Cronin yes, especially boys, they keep you on your toes….it could be ANYTHING 😂. My girls it was usually coloring on the walls 🙄
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Jayme Marquez hahaha yes it literally could be anything!! And I definitely have spent hours removing permanent marker from walls as well when I made the mistake to take a 15 min phone call instead of eyes glued on him 😂
  • Britton Zane My two year old is the same. If I turn away there’s something opened, taken apart or broken. He is my full time job but I enjoy every minute of it!
  • Kiernan Bee That’s Willow for us. She is always on the move!
  • Adrianne Reyes OMG yes
  • Chastity Narmour I had one of those. But my current 3 year old is an angel. Idk what I did to deserve him but its definitely nice. Hang in there girl. It gets better