May 14th, 2020– The Final Push to Begin Construction

Captain’s Log: City to Gritty

Anyone ever felt that feeling like your plan is turning into a dream? It’s the worst 😂😭.

It’s been over 2 months waiting now to hear anything from our lender. We are working on approving 2 more GC’s and the process has been painstakingly slow.

Maybe it’s COVID, maybe it’s something else—but I’ve started calling corporate numbers instead of our local contact as I need to hear something—ANYTHING.

I’ve decided that instead of referring GC’s to our bank for approval, I want the list of things each GC needs, so I can help make sure our potential builders have the strongest application so our bank will lend to them to build our home.

We have now put 4 GC’s through the approval funnel without really knowing all they need to provide to get our construction loan funding. Being able to get the list directly will help with our GC interview process if these new candidates fail to get approval through our bank to build our house.

In the meantime, our VA construction loan approval amount increased by $75,000!! That extra budget will be HUGE for us and we are so excited for some wiggle room and contingency.

But our bank can’t just approve us— they have to approve our builder too.

Those of you that have been following us from the beginning know how extremely difficult it’s been to find a GC that is interested in our project, familiar with building Aframes, familiar with building off-grid, willing to build in our raw location, familiar with building in the mountains, willing to help assemble a cabin kit or order materials locally for a custom build within our budget, etc etc etc.

So after finding a GC that checks ALL those boxes, only to have them declined by our bank is really tragic to us. It starts to wear you down. Which is why I’m calling our bank like a collector trying to get that approval info so I can help our potentials get qualified or if needed, interview new GC’s with our bank’s list FIRST, and our unique list second.

When it starts feeling like a dream instead of a plan is right when I go back into full time project management mode. COVID and homeschooling took SO MUCH of my time and energy. Along with my health completely tanking due to the stress and many other factors. But I’m happy to announce my body is finally recovering, school is out in 4 more school days and I’m hoping and praying for more answers with our bank’s approval process and getting the best GC through the funnel and building our house ASAP! Only 4 more months until the snow comes back!! Time to make some MAGIC!! ✨✨✨


  • Carly Beth You’ve got this Rach! I’m proud of you! Way to keep pushing for and focusing on solutions!
  • David McCann Hey! Can I ask who you are going thru for your construction lender? PM me if you prefer, thanks!
  • Kim MacLurg So close! Is it possible to find the already approved GCs for the bank and use them? Then you won’t need to worry about that step!
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Kim MacLurg yes we have already done that… 😭
    • Rachel McCash Cronin The 1 builder on the list was not comfortable designing Aframes. We last talked to them in 2018. Maybe I reach out and see if they will build an already designed Aframe?? We ended up walking away because of their attitude towards Aframes. But a lot can change in 2 years!
    • Kim MacLurg Rachel McCash Cronin yea worth a shot!
  • Mario J McCash Time for the PCH Patrol Van to go four wheeling on Cronin Mountain!!!
  • Natiana Frankie Stokes Good things are never easy, and easy things are never good. This is a huge undertaking but if there’s anyone that can do it, it’s definitely you. Keep your chin up girl ❤️❤️❤️