May 22nd, 2021 – This is what it looks like to design a custom home in a place never been built before…

Captain’s Log: City to Gritty(It’s been so long since I’ve made one of these posts!!)

Yesterday, we got our first draft of our new 3 triangle A-frame design. At my first glance, I immediately broke into the ugly cry. It is an absolutely astounding design!!!!

A few months ago, while scrolling IG, I saw a triple Aframe design and instantly fell in love with it. After talking to my husband, and with build prices skyrocketing, we felt it best to wait to build and explore a redesign while we waited. I gave our new architects a 35+ page design portfolio. This packet took me 2 weeks of full time work. This portfolio is to help them understand our vision and what we are looking to create.

I had no idea what to expect…. these architects live in a different country. And I couldn’t pay in USD, I had to figure out a currency exchange and it made me nervous, to be honest.

But I took a chance because I loved their previous work and wanted to see what a fully custom design experience would look like. When our first kit home bid out at $850k with only finishing one floor…. (so around $1M+ as a completed project). I wondered how much it would cost to just go full custom. I felt it would be similar priced to the kit.

And I was right! And I’m so glad I did!!! This design is instant ugly cry emotional!!!! No compromises at all. No limitations. After hearing, “no, that can’t be done!” FOR 3 YEARS… seeing that it absolutely CAN BE DONE is so emotional!!!!

It’s a design worthy of our spectacular views!!! Which has always been important to me. I didn’t want to build just some generic cabin you could find anywhere—I wanted to design something as unique as our views. Which is why I love the Aframe —you rarely see them anywhere. When was the last time you drove around town and saw an aframe? They are different. Unique. Plus, the strongest shape in nature. The triangle draws its strength FROM WITHIN. It’s divine geometry, which the soulpreneur in me LOVES.

This entire project has required us to draw our strength from within!!! This is what I’m talking about with OFF-GRID being a luxury. Powered with greenhouse tech for heating + cooling, water recycling systems to recycle + filter shower water in real time, air purification systems, indoor year round greenhouse/living pantry, giant solar array, septic, well and cistern…. I just can’t.

Every innovative issue we’ve lived through for 3 years has been solved. Plus, we got incredible advice from a meeting with Haus Me in off grid innovation we will apply to our project.

It took me 45 minutes to even see the entire design in between sobs. We’ve waited for this.We deserve this.I signed a contract to not post anything until it’s all finalized (they only want their final work online).

So, enjoy my design portfolio until then! If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to design a custom home, here it is! 💗👇🏼