November 12th, 2020-Bridge Over Troubled Water

This week I learned we need to have our forest bridge demolished and completely rebuilt in order to get that structural stamp of approval for at least 65,000 lbs (what the well company requires to bring its rig out and drill our well) and be all set for cement trucks and whatever else will be needed for our spring construction project too.

News like this used to stress me out. But after 2 years of managing our pre-build requirements and talking to dozens and dozens of construction professionals—a new bridge is a complex situation. But also something I feel confident in coordinating 🙏🏼

So, today I drove the 4 miles down the hill to meet with our water guys to do our water swap (what we’ve been doing for years in lou of a well) and talked for a good half hour with our bridge engineer on the next steps and the process of bridge construction. It’s actually pretty exciting 💁🏻‍♀️🌉

It will take 2 months of planning, will involve an engineering firm, the bridge install company and our GC but hopefully the demo and install will happen in just 1 day🤞🏼🎉

This is all part of the process of what I will get to tell my kids when they are older of all the work it took and has taken over the years just to pour a glass of water, boil noodles, shower and wash dishes 😂💁🏻‍♀️ Literally my new reply to anything they will say is, “Well…. did you have to haul your own water for over 2 years?” 😂🤣#offgridlife