November 18th, 2020 — Meet Our Bridge Engineer Team!

Meet our bridge engineer team!! So excited to get this process going. We need SO MANY PERMITS for this bridge. I honestly lost track of how many permits as I was explained the process. We also need an endangered species inspector come out and make sure we won’t be disturbing any potential endangered wildlife during demo and construction. I’m not aware of any endangered species in Colorado?? But I’m super grateful to have this team!! Delegation is powerful and amazing for stress management. Can’t wait to get this new bridge engineered, designed, permitted and structurally stamped so we can reschedule our well install and begin construction on time in the spring! 🎉


  • Wendy Lee Valentine TaylorThat is incredibly interesting that something relatively simple(building a bridge) is so complex! I am amazed.
  • Jennifer ParkeWow.. there is much behind the scenes with building. It’s mind boggling to me.
    • Rachel McCash CroninJennifer Parke I feel this!!!! I’m sooo ready to get this show on the road. Pre-build is the part that takes the longest though and I’m happy pre-build is 90% done! Once we get this bridge demo’d and rebuilt we should be at 100% and ready to start construction! 🎉
    • Jennifer ParkeRachel I am so excited for you! This is going to be amazing!
  • Abe ChristianSounds like a lot of red tape
    • Rachel McCash CroninAbe Christian hahaha it is a huge process for such a “simple” request of the well company needing a “structural stamp for 65,000 lbs on the bridge”. They wouldn’t give me financial ball parks either yet but I’m bracing myself lol. I have no idea the cost on a project like this. But we need water and a house… so we do what we gotta do! 💁🏻‍♀️
  • Robert Ryan BramwellI thought it was just a bridge right? Lol.
  • Leah Kemeny RangelThis might be silly but will it still look somewhat natural when it’s done?
    • Rachel McCash CroninLeah Kemeny Rangel I have no idea what it will look like lol. Right now they are thinking a culvert with dirt on top with some sort of safety rails. I’ll keep posting the updates as they come! We told them “the most affordable option” lol so that is th… 
    • Leah Kemeny RangelI love following you Rachel❤️
  • Jessica KishDoes it have to get bigger to hold that weight? I would be scared of that bill. Cha ching for Colorado in those permits 😒How old is the bridge?
    • Rachel McCash CroninJessica Kish we have not been able to locate the original permits for it—if any were even pulled. We are guessing it’s the original bridge for our neighborhood which would make it around 71 years old 👀.
    • Jessica KishRachel McCash Cronin that is cool.
    • Rachel McCash CroninJessica Kish our team told us the bridge has a max of another 5-10 years left before needing replacement anyways too. I have no idea the cost on this project and when I asked for a ball park they said they’d get me the numbers soon. They wouldn’t answe… 
    • Rachel McCash CroninJessica Kish but no—they can keep the original 16 ft x 14 ft footprint 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • Matt Hammer
  • Benjamin Corwin AllredDoes the bridge need to be updated for the construction equipment to roll through?
    • Rachel McCash CroninBenjamin Corwin Allred yep! The well company came out and said we need a structural stamp on the bridge for 65,000 lbs. In order to get that stamp, we have to tear down and rebuild the bridge. We can’t reinforce it like we had hoped and hit the requirements for the well company. The well rig is the heaviest piece of equipment we need—so meeting that requirement will also meet the standards for everything else in our build—cement trucks, etc.
  • Handlebar HenryIt is amazing what you are having to go through. Is there any other way to do this without having to rebuild a bridge?
  • Kenneth McDadeThey look so young