November 23rd, 2019

It’s been 5 months now (and 3 months before) and so many tell me they have “no idea how we do it” living ultra tiny (120 sq/ft) and 💯 off grid as a family. Well, it’s a little like this!!

I still can’t believe we’ve made this camper our home for 8 months in total now. 😳 And knowing it’s another 10-14 more months until we move into our dream Aframe cabin. But then it hits me—it doesn’t feel daunting anymore. It doesn’t feel as hard anymore.

I can turn on the generator, change spark plugs and sanitize water. I can hand wash dishes all day long while listening to life-changing trainings and books and hang the laundry to dry. I can create hiking trails, plow snow and light our propane oven and refrigerator.

When we started this “temporary” situation, I had no idea WHAT I was getting into —all I thought about was the end result: building our dream on our dream property.

The hundreds of thousands of mini steps in between the bright eyed me holding my newly purchased land deed and the seasoned goal of building on raw remote land, never registered. For better and for worse 😂😂😂.

But the truth is, with any HUGE goal, you just DO. You roll up your sleeves and do the best you can with what you know, and what you don’t know, you figure out.

There have been so many times in my life where I literally turn off my brain and just get to work. I wash that first dish and then the dishes are done. I plow that first foot of road and then miles are completed. I write that first check and then then pre-build is nearly complete.

It’s the tiniest of moments that add up to monumental change. And it’s times like this that make me feel so grateful my boys get to see what this work ethic looks like, feels like and can accomplish. It isn’t easy, but it’s getting easier. We make it work because our DREAM is rock solid and we are 💯 all-in no matter what. And that combined unwavering “in it together” is what makes it fun. Its what can make the floor lava and our micro hallway into a racetrack on snowy days ✨💗 🚀 ❄️


  • Melissa McCash Aw! They are best friends ❤️❣️♥️ 
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Melissa McCash they play so well!!!! 😍😭 They have their moments of course haha but it’s literally been the saddest thing when Troy goes to school and William is then without his brother all day. I try to fill in but I’m definitely not the same at all compared to the adventures they invent!!
    • Melissa McCash Rachel McCash Cronin what a blessing! I bet they’ll be thick as thieves their whole life. They are getting so big. It’s so sweet
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Melissa McCash they are getting so big!! Troy will no doubt surpass me in height before he graduates elementary school!!
    • Melissa McCash Haha! It’s such a weird feeling too. When my boys became taller than me, I felt like I was shrinking.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Melissa McCash haha oh man!! I’m sure I’ll feel the same!!
    • Karen McCash Love them
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  • Erin Elizabeth Greenfield I love that you let them run in the house. My grandparents let me ride my tricycle in the house and those are some of my best memories.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Erin Elizabeth Greenfield yes!!! I have to!! Otherwise they have too much energy lol Usually they can run outside unless it’s too cold 🥶
    • Erin Elizabeth Greenfield Rachel McCash Cronin my Granny’s dad owned a lumber mill (he also milled corn and grain and kept his community fed for free off that and his crops during the depression). She was one of six kids. When he built their home (it’s still standing and lived in) he made a huge hallway. Each end had a basketball hoop and they were allowed to roller skate and be wild in there. It was one of my Granny’s favorite memories.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Erin Elizabeth Greenfield that’s amazing!!!!
  • Miranda Sele So very inspiring. I love it. This is my dream as well.