September 23rd, 2018



  • Lisa Mckown Found a builder?
    • Rachel McCash Cronin No builder yet. But getting the architecture, build plans, site plans, design and structural engineering ready for our perfect builder-whoever that ends up being!
    • Lisa Mckown Rachel McCash Cronin Randy and I plan to buy land next year to build a house. So stressful
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Lisa Mckown I feel you!! It’s also exciting! Are you guys doing a construction loan? I’ve now learned there are several things NOT included in “all-in-one” construction loans. So if you are going that route, I can share our budgeting experience so far! I assumed it covers everything but it does not haha
    • Lisa Mckown Rachel McCash Cronin I’m not sure. I’ve never built a house so it will be a new experience
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Lisa Mckown yes, this is our first build too! Just keep your eye on the prize and you’ll get through it!
    • Michael T Hoover Rachel McCash Cronin
      How does an architect keep track of designing a house to stay within your budget to build it?
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Michael T Hoover price per square foot is a great guideline along with finishes. For us, we are looking at around $280 per sq/ft for our area and build site
  • Dana Martoia Malensky Yay!!!!

  • I’ll send you our contractor but he can’t start until after the new year2Delete or hide this
  • Rachel McCash Cronin Okay thank you!! Yes our deadline is April!