September 28th, 2018

Captains Log: City to Gritty

Friends are powerful! This past week we’ve house and farm sat for a friend and was happy to do it! And then she leaves me a note saying how we can all take hot showers, use the laundry, use their trash cans and even watch a movie on their TV. ???

You have NO IDEA how extremely needed this was! After taking care of all 13 animals and fish, I caught up on laundry, put the kids in a big tub, and started Magic School Bus on Netflix so the kids would have ready entertainment for when I’d take a shower.

It almost felt like we were a “normal” family again lol instead of living in a constant state of camping.

It might have been a small afterthought to my friend when getting everything put together to head out, but to us it seriously meant THE WORLD.

Trailer renovation is also wrapping up! This project has taken SO much time and energy, but this week the finishing touches are coming together. Got all the cabinets painted white, the new hinges and pulls I ordered arrived, got the new wallpaper up and painted the boys custom built beds.

All that is left is to order tile, more wallpaper (I ran out with literally 2 feet left), and a cute mirrored storage door for the bathroom door.

I was in need of a design option for the door and got an AMAZING suggestion from a friend that follows my reno videos on Instagram. She suggested a mirror, which is perfect! Opens up the space, helps us get ready, plus the mirror I found comes with storage! FRIENDS ARE POWERFUL!

Also-many of you following our videos on Instagram may have noticed some cool things happening. STAY TUNED!! While working on EVERYTHING, I’ve also been working on a fun secret surprise too!

Speaking of surprises, my husband wants to get not just one dog, but TWO. ? ?

We’ve talked about getting guardian dogs but I’ll be honest and say, I’m a die hard no pet person. But if I had to have a pet, I’m a cat person.

We have an amazing cat that catches mice, comes when you call him (but never bothers you if you don’t call him), follows my boys around the land, is strictly outdoor only and eats the bugs.

I love cats because they do their own thing, are independent, low maintenance, inexpensive, quiet, and still give you tons of freedom as the owner to travel or be gone all day.

And then there are dogs.

They are loud. They jump on you. They lick you. You constantly have to wash your hands because they lick you. They come up to you when you haven’t called them. They are high maintenance. They take away travel freedom (doggy daycare, or get a pet sitter when you need to travel). They need to be walked. They don’t burry their poop. In fact, you have to pick up their poop. They bark. They scare my kids. They bite people. They need to be walked. The list goes on.

But again, I totally get the importance of guardian dogs. But with all that is going on, I really don’t want the stress of owning and caring for one dog, let alone two.

But my husband I guess already found two dogs and wants to bring them to our trailer life.

My husband is an animal lover. In fact, he brought home all the chickens one day. Which is how we originally got chickens. And he brought home the cat. And now I guess dogs. And he’s talked about getting lamas too!

But to a girl who grew up with tons of animals, I prefer HUMAN companionship, a clean environment and fur-free clothes and kids.

But I also get why guardian dogs would be needed in the wilderness. It’s just a struggle for me because I KNOW it will be another time and money commitment to take care of them. And the kids. And everything else. And I’m burning out.

This experience has literally been the first time in my life I’ve caught myself visualizing a solo vacation. ?

But it’s all good. Life is good. We had a great design meeting with our architect. Our cabin is getting created! It’s good to remember we are doing hard things right now. Change is expected. And if you are a parent of young kids and a dog person, tell me how you manage both. And imagine it living in 120 sq/ft.


  • Josh Noble I grew up in the country and have always had dogs and/or cats on the property. Cats for the mice and snakes, dogs for people or anything bigger.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Yes! Our cat has been incredible help on the land! I’m sure dogs will be too. Just need to stay present and stop imaging all the new work (build a shelter, winterize the shelter, get solar panels for shelter, get pet beds + heaters, food, water, collars, etc), I’ll be doing ha ha
  • Josh Noble My folks are doing something similar to what y’all are doing. They just bought some land and are getting ready to build on it. But they are sticking it out on our other property until it’s finished.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Josh Noble that is the best way to do it! Our original plan was to camp until construction began and then jump ship to an apartment. But with how much work we’ve put into the trailer, we want to stick it out until the end and put the money we will be saving into the new build. But totally agreed-much better not to camp on the land if possible haha
    • Benjamin Corwin Allred We can always try to stud out Nero for a pick, if you’re looking to get a German Shepherd.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Benjamin Corwin Allred Todd already got them! Some sort of Australian Shepard mix I think. He picks them up in about 1 or 2 weeks
    • Jessica Robertson I have always had outside dogs. My black lab killed many copperhead and mocassians. My Bulldogs kept away unwanted visitors ;), people are terrified of bullies. My current dog is a boxer, shes great. Does her own thing, however if we leave on vaca…See More
  • Kristy Cronin What’s ur Insta page ? Would love to follow along
  • Cynthia Ossa By the way you describe dogs, you are clearly NOT a dog person! LOL.
    And it also sounds like you are describing little dogs, which is not what you would get for a guard dog. Proper training takes care of the jumping and biting. You can even train them…See More
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Yes love all these points! I grew up with German Shepard’s, st. Bernard’s, wolves and a sheep dog mix. I need to forget my past haha and keep an open mind with these new dogs. Maybe it will be a different experience and less work/destruction ha ha. And…See More
  • Jessica Zabel FYI- cats bite too! Ha ha!! It’s my defensive dog person response. But also, Charley has been bitten by a cat.
  • Mario J McCash The wolves we had were wonderful. With all that land, having wolves as part of the family would be so cool! You know me, I am a bonafide Wolf Whisperer. It works for me personally but it’s not for everyone, only very special people can handle it and d…See More
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Yes wolves would be so cool again! ? I just remember how much work large animals are and am very much a realist now with pets. I need to dream more with pets instead!
  • Kelsie Louise Dogs are great. Honestly, I think you will sing a different tune with the new pups. Belle is the sweetest and best thing to happen to me. She makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed before so I’m sure you will find those moments too, especially watching the boys interact with them
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Yes I think you are 100% right! So much change at once for me though—I think that is the real issue ha ha
    • Kelsie Louise Oh completely, just remember self care during this transition and take those precious moments for you. It’s so fun seeing you take this adventure though. ❤️