September 30th, 2020 — The Smell of Smoke Woke Me Up…

Today was the first time the smell of smoke woke me up—which is scary. I looked around outside and asked my hubs if the camera was still working on our drone because I wanted to make sure our acreage wasn’t on fire 🔥👀. I’ve never seen so much smoke up here before. Luckily—after a call to the fire department, the smoke is from fires in northern Colorado—our city is not on fire. A cold front + winds have pulled the smoke down into our area. I’m relieved but sad at the same time. Pray for rain everyone!!! Colorado needs rain!!! 🌧🙏🏼


  • Taylor StokesI thought it was really interesting about what Trump said last night regarding the trees of our western hemisphere being less flammable than those in the eco forest communities in France, and that their leaders have said they don’t have fires because they live in these forests and maintain them well…..we need new leadership. AND rain.
    • Rachel McCash CroninTaylor Stokes I was baby wrangling my kids and missed a lot of info on the debate—I need to rewatch. Pretty sure most of the fires in the west are DEW’s + Antifa arson. But it is true that republican states have by far less fires than democratic ones. New leadership is required here in Colorado for sure. You can’t get worse than Polis 💯
    • Leesa JenelleRachel McCash Cronin here in Florida we have controlled burns to prevent forest fires. It’s a real thing. Trump informed us that in Europe they call them Forest cities. Starting a fire is one thing, but preventing the spread is another.
  • Jackie StonerGlad you guys are safe and prayers for those who are not!
  • Loni GeeThe smoke is thick for sure. I was worried the fire was close.
  • Kari PalomoWhat is the AQI there now? We were above 400’s for over a week and even above 500 some days in there. It was so awful.
    • Kari PalomoRachel McCash Cronin Right?! It’s awful. Instant nausea. Headaches constantly. Can’t open the windows or doors even for a moment. Constant diffusing essential oils to try to clean the indoor air. Had to wear an n95 mask to go anywhere or even just to pop outside for a second.
    • Rachel McCash CroninKari Palomo yes we had our diffuser + air purifier on full blast too. The city was worse than up here and when I went to town for school pick up, I also had instant headaches. I’m truly so sorry your air is literally 4x worse!!! 😭😭😭 Praying for rain!!
  • Tibeca YaoCheyenne looked like that on Saturday. Oof.