August 30th, 2018

Captains log: City to Gritty

Got the RV more organized! Got beds set up to sleep. Our cat seems to have adjusted really well and hangs around our camp site just fine.

We got the IBC water totes cleaned and filled one halfway. Was able to get the water transferred to the RV with some careful maneuvering by Todd’s driving to get it higher that the trailer for gravity to do the work. Todd also got the toilet installed and it works! He stayed a little longer this morning to make sure it worked so I wouldn’t have to make do out on the rocks again #truelove ?.

We also all slept pretty good too! Baby ended up in our bed but I think he’ll learn to love his new window bed soon.

Today, the plan is get a storage solution. We’ve tried shipping containers, sheds and more and I’m leaning the most on something we can repurpose when our house is built-like maybe a greenhouse. Storage now, greenhouse later!

Today was also my first day at Vasa fitness and I’m honestly sooo disappointed ?. I get 90 min for the childcare, which my plan was just to shower and get ready and maybe do some weights after— but my shower took nearly the entire time because their shower pressure was at most 30-40% of what it should be. Only the bottom half of the shower head had water even coming out (and barely). Staff said it’s always been like that, so it looks like I’m off to find a new gym. I don’t want my showers to take ages because it’s just a trickle of water.

We are still eating out every meal. Once the stove is installed and the fridge is up and running, we’ll be able to cook! Which I’m excited about!


  • York Bryan You forgot to include stardate45675….. 😉 Sounds like you are making good progress. Slow but steady! Miss you buddy and let me know how I can pray. I know I am kind of far but seriously if you need to come use our shower let me know. I’ll only charge you peanuts 😉
  • Michael T Hoover Exciting adjustment! Life is good!