August 29th, 2018

Captains log: City to Gritty

Yesterday we successfully got everything out of the house and got the house clean! For the first time I got ACCEPTING of swapping 3,000 sq/ft for 120 sq/ft.

In these final hours, I suddenly lost attachment to things I thought I wanted. Plants? Donated to Troy’s school and left my 8’ tree with some friends. Planters? Left with the house. Less is more. Especially when moving. Especially when things need resources that we are still working out-like water.

We did find and bring the cat though. Finding and wrangling a strictly outdoor cat into a dog crate was a big shock to him. But hopefully he’ll adjust to our new land!

Today is day 2 hotel and hopefully the final day before moving in to our RV. The final pieces are installing the toilet, sink, water jugs and generator. Which we will do today!

I also desperately need new tires. Daily driving rough dirt roads calls for some heavy duty tires. Maybe I’ll get that done today too?

But first, celebrate! Celebrate we got out of our old house and passed our final walkthrough! It’s a huge accomplishment to empty your life out of a space—including the dirt from your life. And fingerprints. And dust.

So today, we slept in, and I’m taking the kids to the water park in the resort we are staying at. Yesterday, all we saw was our room. And today, we’ll see the rest! ??


  • Mickell Rose Why hello Gal Gadot. <3 You amaze me woman!! This new adventure has been soooo fun to watch from the outside! Good luck with all your tasks! Sending you love light and patience. xo
  • Mario J McCash Wrote a book. Do a TV show.
  • Mario J McCash Write a story for Vanity Fair, the New Yorker. A literary magazine.
    Get on GMA, Today Show. Fox and Friends. CBS This Morning.
  • Brandon Lane Do you have a septic leach system set up yet?

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