December 20th, 2020 — Family Picture Prep Off-Grid

✅ Wake up at 5am

✅ Turn on generator for hair dryer + curlers

✅ Boil 15 gallons of water so everyone can bathe

✅ Put on outfits from the 3 different stores to coordinate

✅ Style everyone’s hair after all the salon visit madness to get everyone’s hair ready during these crazy times

✅ Suceed in IF (both the hubs and I lost 10 lbs in prep) 🎉

RESULT- Successful off-grid holiday family picture photoshoot!! 📸💗Thank you Caitlyn Howell for waking up super early and driving up our mountain to capture these moments for us!! Can’t wait for the real photos soon!! 💗🙏🏼🎉📸