December 26th, 2020 — First Christmas in the RV

First Christmas in the RV! We usually travel for the holidays but I will forever cherish these memories of us in our little home. The us now. We loved our holiday on our mountain! The weather was amazing!! And feeling blessed to live near family and share memories together. One of my favorite parts was seeing Wonder Woman in theatres!!! Though our county is still shut down, all it took was a little road trip to a neighboring county and we were in! And of course the looks on everyone’s faces as presents were opened too 😍🎄. This time of year is crazy with the holidays, 5 birthdays and our upcoming anniversary in a few days, but here we are!! We made it!! 🙌🏼💪🏼🤪 haha (anyone else feel that way after Christmas?? 😂) Happy holidays from all of us at Cronin Mountain!!


Diana Grover LarsenLooks so wonderful and cozy!!!How did you like Wonder Woman?

  • Rachel McCash CroninDiana Grover Larsen It is definitely worth it to see!! The beginning and transition and ending were phenomenal. The middle part was kinda weird—they had to get super creative with the plot so props to that. But I think they spent too much time on minor characters when I would have rather the story stick to the main ones. But overall, it was amazing. I laughed and ugly cried. Phenomenal soundtrack!! Loved the references to the power of crystals and also the disclosure on the dangers of TV sets in homes. 👀 Overall, the first movie was much better (definitely 10/10!!!), but I give this one a 8/10.
  • Diana Grover LarsenRachel, thank you for the review! I’m excited to see it! I’ll take an 8/10 🙂
  • Rachel McCash CroninDiana Grover Larsen yes please tell me what you think when you see it!! 💗💗💗
  • Diana Grover LarsenI will! We are probably going to sign up for a month of HBO max so we can watch it at home 🙂