December 31st, 2020 — Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Cronin Mountain !!

2020 was actually a pretty amazing year if you think about it. Yes there were challenges with e-learning with only one of my kids schools, but honestly—if that’s it—I consider that pretty great all things considering.

We found our final GC company willing to build within our budget 🎉 and just got our first prelim contract going with them into the new year. We also learned all about bridge engineering and worked with an engineering firm to start the process of engineering our first bridge on our own property and new driveway too (we actually got those proposals today actually!!) Along with our first environmental partnership with a major university to help launch our non-profit outdoor adventure company and get our 1/2 mile driveway and bridge created at the same time. 🌉💗🏔

My hubs and I spent today budgeting for about 5 hours 😂🤯 to make this new year the best financial year of our lives as we face some huge financial projects on our property and much deserved upgrades to our off-grid RV living too.

We have no idea or have any control over many things going on with politics or shut downs. But we can control so many other things! We feel prepared for 2021 with our intentions known, budget is done and feel great having lost close to 15 lbs with IF!! Literally 15 more to get to my pre-baby weight which is my plan for 2021 as well 🥰👙

All is well when plans are created and choices are honored daily to make those plans a reality! Here’s to making 2021 the best year of our lives with all of you!! 💗🎉🎊