December 5th, 2019 – Multitasking

MULTI-TASKING. Anyone else get anxiety/feel they are wasting time + resources if they are not multi-tasking? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Maybe it’s just my achiever/off-grid mentality, but if I can’t count at least 3-4 things going on at once, I feel I’m wasting my day.

We usually have 2-4 hours of power a day, so during that time, I make sure the laundry is going, air filter on, diffuser on, RV batteries charging, all electronics charging, do all I need with our water/dishes/bathing (the water pump drains the batteries SO FAST), do anything I need to on my computer, headphones on listening to books or trainings while I do all this, etc etc.

But even when I lived on-grid, I was the same. Before I would work at my desk or leave the house, I made sure the washer + dryer were on and the dishwasher was running at a minimum, so I knew at least 4 things were happening at once.

I think this is super common and EXPECTED as a work from home mompreneur… anyone else? 👇🏼 Doing at least 3-4 tasks simultaneously while caring for my children is the only way I make it happen with a clean space (I can’t even think unless my home is clean + clutter-free), earning weekly paychecks, dinner done by the time my hubby + son get home + laundry always done (another one of the things I have to have caught up for my sanity lol) while of course finding educational tasks for my kids to engage in.

Where are my mompreneur or SAHM mommas at?? The average SAHM is worth $250,000 a year and I FEEL THAT SO MUCH!!


  • Charity Beth I admire you so much 💕
  • Alexandra N Aiden Kogan All this. It’s like you’re in my head.
  • Saraw Violet This my fiancé just said to me yesterday you literally are doing at least three things until you go to bed. 😂
  • Jess Thompson Feeling this 🙋‍♀️
  • Sheri Kauhausen It’s a mom thing…
  • Jessica Kish Wish I felt worth that. I’m learning to be more intentional with my time. Always listening to videos, books, lectures, or whatever I can when I can. Makes a 961 mile trip from Minnesota more fun.
  • Desirae Lee Absolutely the same lol
    Then I have 6 things going through my mind and cant finish cleaning one thing without starting something else 🤷🏼‍♀️