December 12th, 2019 – GRIT!

In the “foyer” of our camper is our family’s daily reminder + intention: “Dream big, work smart and always be yourself.”

As simple as it is to do these things everyday, sometimes we get worn down. The daily grind + routine of constantly doing all we can to survive + be healthy + build a house + invest in the best education for our kids + invest in the best foods + push the limits of our earning potential relentlessly until we achieve financial freedom, feels like PRESSURE more than ABUNDANCE some days and last night I literally just SOBBED all night.

Thoughts like “Am I enough?” “Am I doing the right things?” “Who am I to think I can do this?” “Maybe I am too young??” “Am I doing this right?” “Maybe I’m failing and I don’t realize it.” And more.

Anyone else been there?? Depending on perspective alone, I’m either on top of our mountain or feeling like one wrong move and down the cliff I’ll fall. Perspective is EVERYTHING.

So many have reached out about how inspired or intrigued they are with our off-grid venture since we are SO DIFFERENT than the stigma. It’s true it’s our mission and intention to reinvent this lifestyle as a luxury. And we just heard from our build team we are SO CLOSE to completing build prep and will start to watch this vision unfold into reality. 😍😭

But the truth is, pulling this off requires an astronomical amount of grit, of sacrifice, of tears, of blood, of giving things up and trimming down to basic survival. I will NEVER fully say all that we’ve been through and experienced to make this project happen because you wouldn’t believe it.

But I will say, it’s OKAY to do hard things and realize you are in the weeds. It’s OKAY to ask for help and receive help from others (my life coach + Thrive team has really held me up so much!!). And it’s OKAY to sob all night and celebrate even when you are years away from finishing.

Being at the top, is also being on the edge. With risk comes reward!! Do you have any entrepreneurial or “hard things” stories that changed your life?? I’d love to hear them ALL tonight 💗💗💗👇🏼


  • Michael T Hoover Well I have been thoroughly impressed with all the great endeavors that you take on and how you approach them with heart 💓 , honesty and endurance! I can definitely identity with “the struggle to keep it together under all the pressure” and the “necessity for continuous self-examination to sort it all out!” My goals and struggles in the not so long distance past were on such a base level that I would feel embarrassed to tell the story! Insights into stories of your escapades are much more compelling than the drudgery of my reality, 🤪lol… So rock on strong friend and know that you are doing just fine and that true satisfaction can come from doing your best even if outcomes aren’t the preconceived perfection dreamed of… And sometimes one just has to let off the gas for a second and be chill… One of my favorite lyrics is from the Eagles ‘take It easy song,’ ” don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy…” Truthfully I like the whole darn song, lol… 😁😎🤗
  • Anna Koclanes Girl!

    All I can say is “those stories of survival to live that off grid life” I get it! It was always such an uncomfortable combination for me to feel like I was “living in abundance of living out this big audacious dream on truly gorgeous land that most people only dream about

    AND simultaneously literally doing things like showering and pottying in a bucket “pre-plumbing.”

    It’s NOT, in my experience, an easy journey. And it felt the opposite of my business life-where I was thriving and things were flashy!

    It was a constant re-defining what I was willing to do, to get to my goals.

    Anyway, I think I may understand exactly what kind of “embarrassing stories” you mean. Lol.

    You and your family are troopers. It reminds me of warrior camp “I am a warrior. I do whatever it takes.”

    I don’t think there’s a time I was tested to the raw core of that statement, as much as when I was pursuing life off grid.

    Just want to say, I see you, I hear you!

    And you got this!

    It definitely has given me the perspective of….”if I can handle 🔝 that AND have a child and run a business at the same time…I can do anything!”

    And NOW it’s a question of “what do I WANT to do? Not just what “can I do!?” I believe I can do anything, with God. I’ve established loads of faith in that. And I’m forever grateful, and better, for that. And recently, I’ve started to peel the onion and be a lot more selective about “what Do I REALLY want.” This is where I am at, now, in my journey! Blessings to yours! ❤️🙌