February 10th, 2020 – Fixed the RV electrical issue!!

Today—I fixed our electrical issue with our RV shorting out!!

In case you didn’t know—if you roll up extension cords, with power running through them, IT’S BAD. Extension cords must be STRAIGHT when there is power running through them— no circles, nothing wound up, no piles—STRAIGHT.

As someone eloquently explained in one of my off grid groups:

“Yea a rolled up cord acts like an inductor. It cuts the power from the magnetic flux thru that coil. I forget that people just dont realize the basics of electricity.”

So, if you are like me and “don’t know the basics of electricity”, there is your off grid lesson of the day!! 🧐🤔⚡️

After I straightened all 200 ft of extension cords, the RV is powering up PERFECTLY! 🙌🏻💗🙏🏻

In honor of this achievement, enjoy this video of Mountain Kitty protecting his homestead from invaders. Because cats rule the internet and Cronin Mountain 💯