February 10th, 2020 – School carline in an off-grid truck…

My son won’t remember this big red truck in the carline of Tesla’s and Land Rovers. He won’t remember the trash in the truck bed because our trash days consist of driving to Waste Management ourselves because we can’t get trash service living off grid. And he won’t remember how dirty or clean the truck is. What he WILL remember is his mom being FIRST in line to pick him up because he asked me to be. He will remember how I look him in his eyes and ask him about what he learned in Spanish or if he raced in PE. And he will remember how proud I am of him for doing so well in his new big school because I constantly tell him, especially at pick up. The best conversations happen in cars and though this time in our lives is chaos, it’s the little things that kids remember most 💗💗💗


  • Handlebar Henry This is true. Unfortunately I had few of these experiences as a kid..so I know how important it is.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Handlebar Henry by the time he will remember, I’ll be in the Tesla! 🙌🏻 I don’t remember my parents car in kindergarten. I think I started noticing around middle school. But that’s just because I’ve always wanted a Tesla—not for carline or reputation
  • Colsie Searcy What school does he go to?
  • Karen McCash Very true!
  • Jai Macklin You rock!❤️
  • Amy K.M. White Awesome! Actually, in an effort to improve conversation between my students and thier parents, my homework is actually question every day about our school day that I text out reach day. It’s so important for parents to talk WITH kids, not just at them.