February 15th, 2021 — THE COLDEST EVER!!! -9 F/-42C! Winter Vortex Losses…

Yesterday was the coldest I’ve ever seen it EVER!

We bounced to a hotel but have still been coming back daily to manage our off-grid homestead. 59 degrees inside, -9 degrees outside.

I cleared off the panels so they could continue to charge and provide heat to our kitties. 59 is plenty warm with their fur coats! And the warmest it could possibly get as our heat is set to 90.

Some of our water jugs split open in our shipping container—lost 30 gallons of drinking water . We still have about 55-60 gallons that did not bust, so it’s all good.

Our waterline from the cistern to our RV also froze but it usually thaws pretty easily on a good 36 degree day. We buried that line 12 ft- 3ft deep, but this storm was too much for our winter prep.

Luckily this weekend is back in the high 40’s!! So it won’t be too much longer.

Feeling grateful we are off-grid and did not have to worry about power outages for our pets, fridge, freezer or ourselves—I’ve seen so many posts of others struggling without power. 😥 One frozen line is definitely something to be grateful for with the severity of this storm. And being ultra comfy in a hotel to celebrate both Valentines Day and riding out the COLDEST record temps too 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


  • Benjamin Corwin AllredCan’t wait until you finally have your house built.
    • Rachel McCash CroninBenjamin Corwin Allred yes!!! Our neighbor found a well company that will drill even with the 70 year old bridge— they don’t care. We are trying to find out if that’s true and if so— we may switch up the order of our build and still begin in the spring! 🎉🎉 Our new bridge + driveway will take a year, so we still plan on moving forward with those projects but if we can do our house + well at the same time— MAGIC!! 😭😭😭🙏🏼
  • Mindy BurnetteStill not sure why you aren’t doing this in FL 🤣🤣
    • Rachel McCash CroninMindy Burnette Florida looks so amazing right now!! No mask mandates, regular living and a governor that actually has common sense!! I’d highly consider getting a beach condo or something in FL!!
    • Mindy BurnetteRachel McCash Cronin Yes, I love going there to visit my mom and having a feeling of normalcy!
    • Jeffrey MolinaMindy Burnette Well Florida has got hurricanes, sink holes, and flooding problems, not so much oppressive heat & humidity.So – trading one set of negatives for another. I guess it depends on what positives you prefer over the other…
  • Kim MacLurgWow!
  • Handlebar HenryWe lost power here about three times. Fortunately it came back on quickly. But who knows what will happen today. Got an email from the gas company saying they request thermostats be set at no higher than 67. It’s going down to probably in the low to mid 20’s..so nothing like what you are experiencing.
  • Jeffrey MolinaClimate CHANGE!!!