February 17th, 2021– Almost 3 Years Ago Now…

Almost 3 years ago, my family and I decided to sell everything, buy 35 acres of raw mountain property and venture into the Colorado wild with nothing but ourselves, a small RV and a dream of more freedom.

We’ve learned so much since that first day. We literally jumped into our own version of Survivor where you either adapt or suffer and we chose to THRIVE.

This journey has never been easy. It has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. It’s pushed me to my limits. It’s changed me down to my core.

But, I’ve laughed far more than I’ve cried. I’ve loved far more than I’ve loathed. And I’ve never felt more alive and full of purpose than I do right now.I grew up in 19 different states. All I wanted was a hometown and a forever home. I wanted to have the identity to say, “I’m from” and say a place that meant something to me.

So when I walked out on the rocks that would become the foundation of this new life, I already knew I was home. Even without a house. Or power. Or water.

I think that is the magic that makes it all work even when it’s so hard. It’s knowing you are doing what you need to do to fulfill a duty to your soul. And satisfy a craving you’ve had for a lifetime.

I never knew what it would take to build in a place never been built before or live off the grid on top of a mountain. But that training is what I needed so I could close the chapter of “girl from nowhere” and be proud to say I built not only my forever home but also my hometown. And not just for me, but for my kids— for my family.

So yes, I live off the grid—it’s amazing and messy and I feel, true freedom. I’m learning how to build my dream house on raw land and do it on a budget. I’m allowing myself the grace to accomplish this on the best timeline for the evolution of my personality + my soul. And the gratitude for the woman I’m becoming while it all unfolds 💗🏔🙏🏼