July 17th, 2019

I absolutely love manual labor. Spent the morning hauling logs, using a pick ax to bury our power cables and other heavy lifting/labor and I absolutely love it. You’ll never catch me working out at a gym (unless it’s a yoga class or I’m going strictly to shower lol). But give me a bunch of productive things to lift outside and I’ll be there bright and early! Anyone else NOT gym lifting fans but will lift outdoors all day long?


  • Brook Nuttall I always prefer to work out by doing something productive. But I have been known to lift weights when I need a quick workout.
  • Active NowValerie Cover Yes I’m not quite as ambitious as you but i would rather do something to get my exercise in
  • Tiffani Beckman-McNeil totally love it
  • Taylor Stokes I’m a primal movement fan too! Girl, you’d LOVE movenat! Have you heard of Katy bowman?
  • Ken Tschappat Productive labor. 🙂
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Ken Tschappat exactly!! Gym weights seem so artificial and fake to me. Even when I was a fitness trainer, I would have to invent scenarios to try to make it seem productive or real. Like, “one more rep or you’re staying on the island and never going home!” Lol just working out to work out ? doesn’t compute for me. I eventually had to switch to martial arts because I couldn’t keep making sense of 3 sets of 12 ??‍♀️
    • Ken Tschappat I’ve been working in the yard this year again. Place is beginning to look civilized again. ·
  • Jodi Parker I’m that way too!!
  • Susanna Del Carmen Salazar Yes girl that would be me in a nut shell ??
  • Gloria Polzin Badass Chick my kind of gurl I’m the same way??? I get ask daily do you go to the gym I laugh & say spend a day with me get the real version of a manual labor workout! Love it!!!
  • Midori Tetreault Yeah mama!?♥️
  • Natiana Frankie Stokes Yeeeees!! I love outdoor manual labor ❤️❤️
  • Bonnie Barlow Old days I’m sure lots Moms did out side work I know stories that were told
  • Michael T Hoover You’ve got that pick swing down it looks like! I’ve done physical labor my whole life, still do! I probably have ten thousand pic swings under my belt. The lifting thing should be done carefully and mindfully!
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Michael T Hoover yes I couldn’t drag that last log to the pile. Had to leave it—maybe use the truck or 4 wheeler. But I did get the rest put away! We are turning that area into a dining area/family meals and games. It’s coming along slowly!!
  • Marie Samantha My kinda girl!
  • Active NowDawn Strate Same.
  • Amanda Stiles Same. Gym bores the crap out of me but if I can be productive I’m in.