July 26th, 2019

Looks like someone smashed off the lock on the security gate for the private property to our little neighborhood. Looking to upgrade our gate to a remote + keypad for guests instead of a key lock + chain. We’d love to keep our existing gate and just upgrade to an automatic open/close with a remote or keypad. Has anyone done this before? I’m looking at kits or professional installs. Most likely solar powered though we might be able to grid tie it + split the electric bill for the neighborhood as there are power lines nearby where the gate is located. Most of the property out here is vacant acreage so not sure why someone would destroy the lock but ???‍♀️


  • Joanie Lovell http://jacbuiltfab.com/

    This is a good friend of mine.Delete or hide thisJACBUILTFAB.COMJAC Built Fab – Custom Metal FabricationJAC Built Fab – Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Mario J McCash From the same folks who manage Area 51!

  • Or they’re trying to steal your WiFi or your cable? Or they’re homeless and looking to stay in your trailer? Or ET needing your place to phone home?
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Mario J McCash lol pretty sure ETs could just walk through the gate. And our WiFi only works when the generator is on so…lots of work to steal that haha
  • Adrianne Reyes I was just reading an article of some off gridders that said they had theft problems in their land when they tried to build on it. Did everyone who has property behind the gate have a key?
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Adrianne Reyes this is a great question!! We’ve been chatting with our neighbors and all are on board to upgrade the lock on the gate to remote or key pad. But we voted that the one who doesn’t like it is overruled by the majority lol (democracy style neighborhood planning). I’ll ask next time we all run into each other—usually down by the creek (such unofficial meetings ha ha)
  • Melissa Gail How awful! I hope you find a good solution.