July 28th, 2019

It’s one thing to LOVE hiking and another to literally create hiking trails from scratch! One of our homestead projects is to create hiking trails to every interesting location on our property. We started cutting our first trail called “Discovery”. This trail will be about a half mile and probably around a 6 or 7 on the difficulty scale—so moderately difficult. I’d probably say no child packs (moderate risk of falling), kids need to be of hiking age to scale this with parents. My 2.5 year old and 5.5 year are keeping up ! ????⛰


  • Kenneth McDade Are you placing a geo cache or Two?
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Kenneth McDade I had to google that haha but that sounds so fun!! We’ll have to add that in! We partnered with an outdoor rec company for rock climbing, zip lining, snow shoeing and ice climbing—will have to add that in too!!
    • Kenneth McDade Rachel McCash Cronin you should look deep into it. It is a great fun thing to do with kids and most areas have the history with them
  • Jonathan Bryant Any particular inspiration for the name Discovery?? ?
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Jonathan Bryant haha YOUR ALBUM! And it’s the first trail we’ve ever made—we are discovering how to trail make as we go haha
    • Jonathan Bryant Haha, I love it! So cool that you guys have so much to explore and create for yourselves right in your own backyard. Jealous!
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Jonathan Bryant haha don’t be jealous yet!! Our builder is very skeptical about our build starting before the snow comes ?. But he thinks it could happen so fingers crossed!! We love watching your house and the MASSIVE progress! Looks like you all will be able to move in so soon!! ?
  • Jessica Kish Now that I’m back in Colorado we need to get together.
  • Alissa Dabasinskas Looks so great!
  • Daria Ellington Amazing work! Bet you guys will sleep great tonight ?