July 30th, 2019

BUILD A HO– USE THEY SAY, IT WILL BE FUN, THEY SAY…. I will be writing a guide on how to build a house. The first thing will be HIRE A SURVEYOR at the same time you purchase your property. Do not wait. They are most likely booked out for months and months. So when you book the same day you close on your property, you won’t be wasting any time when finishing your site plan + construction schedule. We have literally been at a standstill as all surveyors are booked for months. But did find one that can come at the end of August!! So, celebrating that! But that means foundation + septic + cistern engineering will be pushed to September now. Actual installs in October ish. Construction schedule ready by November ish. Begin construction as weather permits…. which our GC thinks might be March or April depending on snow load. I keep reminding myself that we are building a house!!! Even when we need to wait months and months in between construction events. Anyone built a house before from scratch? Let’s start a support group!! I’m serious! We can all rotate build sites and sing and dance on our dirt piles knowing they will one day be houses. ?? Good news? HEADED TO VEGAS BABY! As one of my mentors Kevin Trudeau teaches, when feeling stuck, TRAVEL- vacation- see the world. Celebration energy helps to fuel more things to celebrate and is the fastest way to turn stuck energy into progression energy. ✨?✨???


  • Michael T Hoover Wow what a great attitude!
    It’s awesome to reassess that value of things in the big picture!
  • Michael T Hoover Be sure to cut those little stumps just below the ground level so as not to trip on them and fall over the hill or cliff, it looks steep! ???
  • Michael T Hoover I love it, “when feeling stuck travel and celebrate something!” Thanks for that! ❤️?
  • Mendy Goodman I’m moving in !!!
  • Active NowMark Bore I helped build 5-6 houses when I was in HS and college. It always takes a lot longer than you expect. It’s especially true when building out in the bush.
  • Bryan Huddleston Sorry to hear of these frustrations, and of the impact on your family; but, wow, your choices to share what you’re experiencing, and keep looking up, not only seem to keep you from imploding haha, but also to pave your pathway to great success. Awesome job – prayers for your strength, growth, and ultimately, wonderful peace
  • Anna Koclanes I think the best thing to do…is just know this is “normal” for “building a house from scratch” on remote land. Having the expectation that it’s a longer term project…and it’s not going to happen fast….makes it easier. And remembering the prize will be grand! That helps too ?. 
  • Deborah Trem Williams Are you going to be going to the relentless event in Vegas in August?
  • Emily Reagan Oh my gosh I’m so excited for this!!! I will be following every step of the way because I want to build a house too! It would be awesome to have someone basically walk me through every step. I’m taking notes ??
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Emily Reagan yay!! I will be putting together a step by step ebook!! We have been soooooooo learn as we go. Which is great—I think every massive project needs naivety or else it will never begin knowing all the facts.
  • Jordan Shukri Beseiso Helped lead engineering for a master planned community. I feel yay. Enjoy the travels. May the journey be spiritual and sacred, if you choose, and provide you a place where you and all loved ones feel is home.
  • Dana Martoia Malensky Building a house is one thing. Building a house in Colorado Springs or west in the mountains is another. Hence why we sold when someone approached us. Our project was suppose to be 12 weeks and wasn’t even halfway finished 14 months later. I swear they operate the most backwards way there. My husband owns a construction company in MO so you can imagine the frustration when we knew what needed to happen but everyone there has no work ethic or is on drugs or too busy skiing or fishing.
    • Dana Martoia Malensky If he thinks April, that means June. Then rain which means July then fishing season for them so maybe in 2 years it will be completed. Seriously, I hope you have different luck but that is the norm up there
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Dana Martoia Malensky OMG!!
    • Stephanie DC Dana Martoia Malensky we are in PA and it is a nightmare to build what you want. They want every house to look exactly the same for assessment purposes.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Stephanie DC ughhhh yes we need a support group!! No one should feel like they have to sell early or give up customizations. When building from scratch-custom means CUSTOM!! What the heck!! ???
    • Stephanie DC Rachel McCash Cronin it is a nightmare. We bought 2 grain bins to turn into our house and the banks said we would never be able to get equity so we put them up for sale and now we have a really cool wedding venue to build. 
    • Dana Martoia Malensky Rachel McCash Cronin it’s just so hard to find good workers. The GC are great but they can’t keep anyone working. We didn’t sell bc if that but sure as hell didn’t turn now an off market offer.
  • Dana Martoia Malensky Have you thought about a prefab? There actually is a good company in CO that will deliver it in 4 weeks
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Dana Martoia Malensky yes that was our first choice actually. They can’t get delivered as our roads are too small and too narrow. We are doing a kit home which is the next best thing though. We are ordering through Avrame-an Estonia based company with a US hub. We are in love and as it’s a kit, we can build everything that isn’t required by a licensed contractor. www.avrame.comEdit or delete thisAVRAME.COMA-frame kit homes | AvrameA-frame kit homes | Avrame
    • Rachel McCash Cronin And even with this kit, we may have to have extra charges to get everything up by 4×4 trucks or we are highly considering helicopter drop of large pieces like the roof. At this point we are passed emotion and just willing to be creative to get it done. What’s crazy was the build fee our GC gave us for assembling the kit! It’s still a great deal per square foot but we are working hard as we are literally 6+ figures over budget already. ??‍♀️?
  • Stephanie DC We have a Construction company and my fiance has a ton of house plans. It is our goal to build or rehab a house. We are more into unconventional builds. We have plans using shipping containers and grain bins to simple stilt houses.