June 12th, 2020 – First Cinnamon Bear!

This morning we saw a cinnamon bear! I’m kicking myself I didn’t get a picture. We’ve seen the same black bears for a while and thought he might be a black bear (which is why I didn’t run for my phone), but after really looking at him we learned he was a cinnamon bear! He was very scared of us and it was easy to get him to run away back into the woods. A part of me is hoping he comes back so I can get a picture. 🤔🙈 Also- Costco has bear spray right now! Colorado friends grab it while it’s still there—bears often venture into neighborhoods too!


  • Tatiana EvansCinnamon Bears are a type of black bear 🤗 way cool! We get both on the Academy. People go “bear hunting” and I think they’re crazy 😂
  • Shane BythewayStill a black bear. Only two types of bears here, black and grizzly
  • Mike KasperColor phase black bear 😉
  • Christine RoddBear spray isn’t needed for black bears & we don’t have grizzlies here. Black bears just need a good “Boo!” and they’ll leave you alone. 
  • Jessica KishJust different color phases. They can be cinnamon, red, brown, blonde.
  • Michael T HooverShould wear a bell or something that makes noise, and make noise when in remote areas and rounding corners or near large boulders… 😁
  • Mark BoreThe main difference between Black Bears and Grizzly Bears is that Grizzlies have a shoulder hump, larger paws, and a flatter face. If you have bears transiting the area I would make sure to get bear proof garbage cans and secure your food storage as well. You should be fine if all of those things are in your shipping containers.
  • Michael T HooverYour trail cams will photo him and more!Don’t panic when it photographs cougars, bears, wolves and coyotes and rattlesnakes, ‘oh my!’ They are just part of the land… 💕 ( Don’t think you have many wolves though, 😁)… Might even catch a glimpse of a mountain goat!