March 28th, 2020– DIY Breaking Ground!!

Great progress on our home build today!! Getting our build site leveled out is a lot of work in the mountains. 😅 After we level it, it’ll be time to dig the basement! 🎉🚧🔨 So excited to literally build our own house as much as possible + make progress during quarantine 💗🙏🏻 🏔


  • Ashley Gillit Rick has watched some YouTube videos on excavating; he’s ready when you need him!! 😋
  • Evelyn Elvegaard Why is there not a tv crew there filming this whole process???
  • Bryan Huddleston Makes me wonder how to learn about specific techniques, or tricks of the trade, for handling frost issues, or drainage issues, around the foundation, and the lot; long-term considerations, seismic, etc.
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Bryan Huddleston yes!! Our foundation engineering had a small team and had to be done twice to get it right. And multiple web calls between our architect and foundation engineer. We definitely couldn’t have planned it on our own haha. Plus, it has to be stamped by our state for approval too. #somanysteps
    • Bryan Huddleston Rachel I can’t even. My career dream as a youth was to be an architect and builder. I love design, and I love building. That said,

      *all the horror stories I’ve heard about building a home, as a couple,

      *paired with the fact that my wife and I, as much as we love each other, can’t agree on where to place a nightstand,

      led me to decide we simply would buy, during this lifetime.

      You, and you guys, as a couple in all this, are living legends!!!
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Bryan Huddleston hahaha thank you but ohhh boy we’ve definitely had our moments throughout each stage. Our coat closet was one of them—I feel we NEED one as you walk in and he wanted it open concept—no closet. This winter proved me right haha as our little RV coat area was sooooo full we could hardly walk in. Plus… we need a place for winter coats, hiking gear and more—he slowly came around haha. Plus, it’s a 3ft closet. Walking an extra 3 ft to our open concept kitchen/great room is not a big deal 💁🏻‍♀️😆. Now he wants a red front door. I definitely want a clear/window front door. We’ll see what happens…. dun dun dun 😂
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Bryan Huddleston a black cabin with a clear door (mirrored on the outside—can’t see in) VS…
    • Rachel McCash Cronin A black cabin with a red door looks like a black widow spider and plus, the contrast hurts the eyes after you look at it for a while…. we’lll see 😂😂😂
    • Bryan Huddleston Rachel not that I’m taking sides, but the glass doors, and the corresponding view, are gonna be gorgeous hahaha

      May y’all be blessed to transcend the daily, and create continually deepening peace and joy~
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Bryan Huddleston hahaha exactly!! Plus off-grid, so I’m trying to get as much natural light as possible in every way to cut back on our solar electricity needs. We’ll see how it goes haha