September 10th, 2018

Captains log: City to Gritty

Perspectives are changing. We learned we are maxed out at buying fresh water at 2,000 gallons. So, what do we do after that? Either get our well built ASAP or create a rainwater collection system. With the speed of current construction (none), learning to collect rainwater makes more sense.

We are also learning about architects and builders. Mainly their personalities. After talking to so many, personality and enthusiasm makes all the difference in the world.

We totally get that most people do what we are doing with $2-$3M budgets. But we also know that there a billions of homes that cost less than that in the world. And those homes were built by builders. And designed by designers.

It’s been frustrating feeling like you have a small fortune (which we absolutely do have) and yet when we talk to custom home builders, they say another under $700k isn’t worth their time. Like, why? What is the real difference between design and build fees? A job is a job! But I guess not.

Here’s a million dollar secret: Create a custom home firm that specializes in homes in the $400-$550k range and make millions. Because we can’t be the only people in the world wanting an average sized custom home. And it isn’t good customer service to treat someone like they are.

But the good news is that today was a magical day. Everything from getting lunches prepped, to being on time to school, to laughing and playing and just everything was just so perfect. I saw today that this lifestyle can be and should be FUN! And the adventure that it is! It’s easy for me to stress out. But I’m learning to keep my eye on the prize, enjoy the campfires, enjoy the unlimited private hiking and my shrinking waistline. I bought size small workout pants thinking they might be tight, and they are too big! It’s the little things!


  • Tamara Schwartz So Frustrating! Love this pict and the fact that you are embracing the NOW
  • Dana Martoia Malensky We had same issues with contractors. General material cost is up 30% (we know this since my husband owns commercial and real estate development company out of state). $5MLN dollar homes take same time that $400k takes but their margins are much higher.

    Very frustrating.…See More
  • Martha Jean Morrison Montgomery Granpa says “remember if bubba can do it I can do it!
  • Mario J McCash Thanks for keeping this log Rachel.