September 11, 2018

WE HIRED OUR ARCHITECT! ??? Our new home is going to be a giant A-Frame on a cloud of glass!

In other news, we all just scrambled inside while a huge black bear knocked over our trash and magically moved 100 yards in seconds to our front door before seeing us inside our trailer and walking away into the woods! ?


  • Nicco Macintyre That’s awesome!
    Hey I got an engineering gig with if you want a good deal on a roof that will last longer than the house, I know a guy.
    I’m so happy for you guys, that’s fantastic!Delete or hide thisFINEMETALROOFTECH.COMFine Metal Roof TechFine Metal Roof Tech2
    • Paul Pickett Hey Nicco, how does the cost of beaver tail shingles compare to asphalt shingles? And how long do they last?
    • Nicco Macintyre A LOT more but I don’t know pricing. Those are pretty small with a lot of labor both in manuf and install. They are absolutely GORGEOUS!
      That’s a pretty new product. The larger panels are much cheaper per sq. ft.
      Send them a contact request if you want more info. They are great ppl to work with.
  • Christina Morris I was wondering about the wildlife when you were talking about how far off grid you are ?
  • Joelle Lane Congratulations lady!!
  • Dawn Strate Love it!! I was imagining gorgeous glass from top to bottom which in the winter, would look like an igloo from inside with that 8.5’ snow. Cool thought. ? but that far up, I’m thinking the A frame would slope more towards the ground like some mountain homes. Hmm. So interested in the design choices and how insulated glass can be. Wrap around glass house with a view is my kinda place 
  • Isabel Strelzik Awesome! Not about the bear though
  • Mario J McCash Congrats on the new Home design. Sounds great.

    Looks like you’re also having a bear of a time!…See More
    • Rachel McCash Cronin Black bears are huge!! I’m thinking they could knock over any fence we put up unless we do wrought iron that is cemented in or something
    • Mario J McCash yes, by “fence” I mean WALL as something substantial would be required. A cost of doing business so to speak for being out there. Just add it to the punch list of things to do as part of your overall construction project.
  • Martha Jean Morrison Montgomery Rachel, you cant outrun a bear and if you havent already you need a bear proof receptical and a way to protect yourself in an emergency. As long as they dont get rewarded by food they will eventually move on. Love you guys. Stay safe!
  • Michael T Hoover The Emoji with flowing tears, was that happiness for finding the architect and choosing the design?
  • Michael T Hoover You should look up and research “how to live safely around predator animals.”
    There’s a lot that has to do with not inadvertently or negligently attracting them and how to keep them away!
  • Michael T Hoover I hope you don’t have too many dead birds with a glass house…