September 24th, 2020 — What Would the MILLIONAIRE Version of You Do?

What would the “millionaire” version of you do each day? I’ve been thinking about this question A LOT and have restructured my entire daily routine over it. What you do each day determines your HABITS and your habits CREATE your FUTURE. So… what would the millionaire me do each day that I’m not currently doing?? For me, the answer was daily meditation, daily exercise, eating better and working on my long term career goals DAILY. Restructuring my day to include those things has been difficult. I can easily spend all day on homestead and off-grid chores. Or running errands and driving my kids all over town. And I’m not a daily exerciser at all. 😅 But, I decided to do it anyways. Even if I had to wake up a little earlier, even if I had to delegate a few things I really didn’t have to do myself (like my hubs dropping the kids off at school). Even if it meant it was only 2 hours at my downtown office working on my projects (a time frame I thought was too short for the effort of commuting there). ETC. And I realized, after just one week, I’ve exercised 10 miles, put 10 hours into my book project and meditated 2.5 hours with pages of inspiring notes and thoughts. That’s a massive step toward millionaire me ‼️🎉Little things ADD UP to be BIG THINGS! Don’t get discouraged if it’s “only” 2 hours at work. Or “only” 2 miles of hiking… or “only” 10 minutes of meditating. It adds up and what adds up COMPOUNDS over time. 💯What would the millionaire you do each day? 🤔👇🏼💗