February 23rd, 2020 – 2nd Opinions…

This weekend was packed with so many things—I had zero time to post about any of it—which I think is the best way to live 💗.

We’ve decided it wise to get multiple opinions on the cost to assemble our 2,900 sq/ft cabin kit and finish 1 floor. Our first estimate was $1M to do this—so we are curious what other experienced contractors think it will cost to build a 25% finished house.

We spent time at a build location, interviewed another GC, looked at foundation options and our plans printed in full size (so cool to see!).

I also printed out our build pack—which was incredible to see. I spent over 3 hours arranging and designing the nearly 100 page book to provide a simple way to show contractors during interviews the magnitude of our entire project: site plans, blueprints, basement redesign, engineering, structural engineering, septic engineering, foundation engineering, deck design, septic soils testing, foundation drilling soils testing, stair design + engineering, well permit + well drilling info, etc etc— all the documents you need BEFORE building a house.

I plan on getting 5-10 opinions! So, if you are a GC, interested in assembling a cabin kit (only bring a nail gun— everything is already cut to size—takes 3-6 months of labor—only finish 25% of the house, no need to source materials because materials are included—literally you just have to show up and the rest is already arranged, only 2 man crew required but more will speed up construction, no heavy machinery needed because we are buying a back hoe this month), LET ME KNOW!!

We are switching our loan to be more inclusive of new contractors so please do not hesitate if you’d like to supply a bid for us to consider!

After all that, we spent much needed time as a family—dino museums and time with extended family in town before more business travel takes up the rest of the month.

Also I’m feeling so much better!! Energetic medicine is just incredible. If your doctor is still dealing generic drugs instead of creating a custom RX specifically for your energetic frequency, tell them to get with the new technology of our modern times!! Drugs are 💯 a thing of the past!

More to come soon!! ✨🎉✨🎉✨

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